Beauty Photography in Miami

One of the many styles of photography my clients require is beauty photography, which can encompass many things. For instance, you may be interested in highlighting clean beauty natural skin care. Or, maybe you need some eye macro photography, or custom heirloom artwork.

When it comes to these sessions, natural looks tend to be quite popular at the moment, highlighting natural beauty, including dewy skin. As a beauty photographer at Daria Koso, I can help you to create just the look you need to capture this particular moment in time.

Beauty Photography 101

We can work together to create the stunning beauty photos you need for your brand. All brands within the beauty industry can benefit from this type of photography. You need a creative photographer for this, and I believe that each type of gorgeous imagery requires a unique approach.

his type of session is often mistaken for glamour and fashion photography, as these focus on capturing glamour and elegance. However, they differ in terms of the overall aesthetic and intention. While glamour photography aims to capture a more seductive and alluring image, this is more focused on showcasing the natural radiance and features of the subject.

Here are some of the different types of beauty photography that you might consider

Makeup and Hair Photography

This is a popular genre within this niche. It involves capturing close-up shots of makeup and hairstyling to showcase the skill and artistry involved in creating different looks. This type of photography is often used by beauty brands, hairstylists, makeup artists, and fashion magazines to showcase their work.

Beauty product photography

This type of photography is important when showcasing and promoting beauty products. High-quality images of models such as Kylie Jenner and Huda Kattan can have a huge impact on your sales and how customers see your brand.

Beauty campaign photography

When it comes to promoting beauty brands, the right type of campaign photography is essential. This involves creating visually stunning images that highlight your brand’s products, values, etc. My goal as a beauty photographer is to create the visuals that will help your brand stand out to your target audience.

Beauty editorial photography

I truly enjoy beauty editorial photography, because it gives me an opportunity to be extremely creative. The images tell a story, and are often seen in magazines, advertising campaigns, and online publications. Myself and other photographers can use our artistic expression while working with your team to bring your ideas to life.

Personal beauty photography

One doesn’t need to be a professional model in order to enjoy the results of photos such as these. The focus is to capture and showcase one’s personal beauty, bringing out all of their best features. I can create images that are visually stunning, highlighting the unique beauty in each subject through the use of lighting, angles, editing, and more to enhance the subject’s natural features.

I can work with the photographer model to ensure that those perfect beautiful moments are captured in just the manner that you desire. Whether you are looking to highlight graphic eyeliner, dewy skin, or even the beauty found in everyday life, I am sure that we can work together to create a portfolio that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Showcase Your Business in Best Light

High-impact commercial photography that tells the story of your brand

Pro Tips for Your Beauty Photography Shoot

To make the most out of your photo session, here are some pro tips to consider:

  1. Choose the Right Location: If you opt for a natural environment, select a location that complements the desired aesthetics of your shoot. We can create the perfect setting in the studio, using props, lighting and more, working with your creative vision. Learn more at
  2. Utilize Natural Light: As mentioned earlier, natural light can be incredibly flattering. Schedule your shoot during the golden hour, which is the hour after sunrise or before sunset, when the light is soft and diffused. Avoid shooting in harsh midday sunlight, as it can cast unflattering shadows.
  3. Prepare the Model: Proper preparation is key to achieving stunning beauty shots. Ensure the model’s skin is well-moisturized and free from any blemishes or dry patches. Encourage them to drink plenty of water leading up to the shoot to maintain a healthy and glowing complexion.
  4. Collaborate with a Makeup Artist: A skilled makeup artist can elevate your beauty photography by highlighting the model’s best features and creating flawless looks. Find someone who specializes in beauty makeup and collaborate with them to bring your vision to life.
  5. Don’t forget about hair. In order to create outstanding images that highlight hairstyles, you need to consider the location of the shoot, as well as the types of hairstyles you wish to focus on. Maybe your shoot will be near the water, where you want to highlight wet hair beach scenes. Or, maybe you are focusing on particular hairstyles. I will do my best to make sure there are no hair flyaways, but I also recommend that you have a stylist on-hand to ensure that the model’s hair always looks perfect.
  6. Keeping It Natural: While capturing enchanting imagery often involves enhancing the features of the model through makeup and lighting, it’s important to keep the overall look natural. I like to avoid heavy editing or excessive retouching that may result in an unrealistic appearance. My goal is to embrace the natural beauty of your model and focus on enhancing their unique features rather than masking them.

Let Me Take Care of Your Beauty Photography Needs

No matter what you are looking for in the way of exquisite visuals, I can help. I will work with you to bring out the beauty in your models and highlight the areas you wish to focus on. Let’s work together to create beautiful photography that will showcase your brand in the very best light. For more information, please contact me at