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Unleash Your Creative Potential with Daria Koso Step into the world of professional photography and elevate your skills with an exclusive 2-day Workshop with Daria Koso. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Daria is ready to unveil the secrets of capturing breathtaking beauty and editorial photographs.

The workshop will take place in Miami NOVEMBER 16-17 and include theory combined with a lot of hours of practice on set with a professional team - a published wardrobe stylist, famous HMUA and professional models. You’ll learn how to work with professional lighting equipment, experience high-fashion photography, and boost your portfolio on another level.

Dive deep into the art of photography, surrounded by a team of esteemed professionals. This intensive workshop is designed for a select group of UP TO 10 passionate individuals, ensuring personalized attention and an enriched learning experience.


Day 1 - Fashion Shoot in the studio: Master unique lighting setups and storytelling through beauty photographs. Experience a hands-on session, guided by Daria’s expertise.

Day 2 - Editorial Shoot: Challenge your skills with distinctive prop and lighting setups, enhancing your ability to create compelling images.


Workshop is a must for those:
⁃ Who just started photography and would like to save time and learn from Daria and her team
⁃ Who is already a professional and wish to upgrade the portfolio on a higher level
- Who wish to get a better understanding how to make a photography as a full time business with high paychecks.

Workshops Highlights

⁃ Small group up to 10 students
⁃ Opportunity to work one-on-one with Daria and ask the questions you have
⁃ Analysis of your portfolio and the shots you will take during a workshop
⁃ Opportunity to work with a professional models, a famous wardrobe stylist and a celebrated HMUA

What you will receive

- Understanding how to work with professional lighting equipment
- 1 on 1 shooting with professional models
- Editing tips & tricks from Daria
- Your portfolio review and personal feedback
- Next level portfolio
- Great networking
- Lots of practice
- Good vibes and great memories

Learning Hours

Step Into My World and Master The Art

Join me and my crew as I unveil the secrets that have been the cornerstone of my journey in photography. Witness, first-hand, as I orchestrate a professional photo shoot from the initial spark of an idea to the final, breathtaking image. You’re not just an observer; you’re a PARTICIPANT. After my demonstration, you’ll step into my shoes, and capture your own magic!

You’ll watch me, live, navigating the dance of communication, execution, and creation. I believe everyone has the potential to create awe-inspiring photographs, but what if every shot you took was infused with the soul-stirring beauty we all chase after? What if confidence was your second nature and each photo shoot an intimate dance of creativity?

I’ve been where you are, and I often wished for a guiding hand to lead me into the depths of true artistry. It’s not just about capturing an image but narrating an untold story, eliciting the unspoken emotions, and painting with lights and shadows. So, here’s my hand, reaching out to you. Join me, step into a world where every frame is a masterpiece, where you’re not just a photographer but a visual storyteller. Your journey of transforming every click into art, every frame into a narrative, begins here. The magic is waiting; are you ready to embrace it?


What You Should Bring

Camera and lenses (24-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4 or 1.8, 85mm f1.4 or f 1.8 - any of these is preferred), along with understanding the basics of how to use your camera in manual mode (as we don’t cover camera basics).

What is Provided

- professional lighting equipment
- models
- hair & Makeup artist
- wardrobe stylist
- photo assistant
- refreshments, snacks and meals

Setting the Right Expectations

- Personalized Experience, Not a Crowd
This isn’t a typical event where photographers jostle for space, trying to capture hurried and impersonal shots. At this workshop, every participant gets a personalized, one-on-one experience with the model. Your creativity won’t be hampered by a crowd, and every photograph you take will be a true reflection of your unique artistry.
- Positivity and Respect Above All
We’re creating an environment that’s brimming with positive vibes and mutual respect. It’s a shared journey of learning and growing in the world of photography. Every participant, from the photographers to the models, plays a crucial role in making this experience enriching for all. We’re all about positive energy and learning together, with respect and enthusiasm being our guiding lights.


Reserve Your Spot

Fee: The rate for a 2-day Photography Workshop is $2,380
Fee Includes: A light breakfast, lunch and refreshments.
Does not include flight, accommodation or transportation.

We understand that plans can change. However, due to the exclusive nature of this event and the advance booking of our models and crew, we’re unable to offer refunds. Our team and resources are meticulously organized to cater to the personalized experience of each attendee, making every spot at the workshop highly valuable.

If you’re unable to attend, you’re welcome to transfer your seat to another photographer who can benefit from this transformative experience.

For cancellations made by the 30th of October 2024, you’ll receive a credit for the full amount of your purchase, applicable to any of our upcoming events. This ensures that even if you miss this event, the door to a world of enriched learning and photographic artistry remains open for you.

If you have any questions regarding our in-person workshops email us directly and we will do our best to assist you!


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